Tony Gravley Scent Work

Workshop Registration Form

January 15 & 16, 2022

SOTC, 6392 Deere Road, Syracuse, NY 13206

As per the SOTC working policy, we will give everyone a chance at their preferred workshop(s) starting with
Instructors, then SOTC Members and then Non-SOTC Members. Spots will be assigned in the order that they
are received.

Working Spots will be limited to 12 for the “Intro to Scent Work” Workshop and 12 for the “Building a Source
Monster” Workshop. In-person Auditing Spots will be limited to 20 for each workshop.

Entries open November 15th for SOTC Instructors, November 22nd for SOTC Members and December 6th for

Only SOTC Members can register at this time. Non-Members can register starting on December 6th.

Only SOTC Members that have been an instructor sometime during 2021 can register at this time. Non- Instructorss can register starting on November 22nd.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Scent Work
One Four-hour workshop over two days
8am-10am Saturday and 8am-10am Sunday
No or minimum experience required

Workshop 2: Building A Source Monster
One Twelve-hour workshop over two days
10am-5pm Saturday and 10am-5pm Sunday with an 1 hour lunch
Dogs must have succeeded with an ORT, or have a leg in a Novice levels or above in order to qualify for a Working Spot